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Incident / Accident - Detailed Analysis Services

Do you have a digital or analgue tachograph record?
Do you need to know:

- second-by-second speed of the vehicle;
- metre-by-meter detail of motion;
- harshness of braking at a certain point;
- speed at a specific time (perhaps immediately before an incident);
- the route a vehicle took;
- etc

Depending on the type of tachograph record, this information can usually be made available, and with accuracy.
Detailed analysis of tachograph records can reveal important details about the motion of a vehicle. For example, was the vehicle:
- being accelerated rapidly then braked harshly;
- had the vehicle been driven off its pre-defined route and onto roads not on its schedule;
- etc.

Second-by-second, metre-by-metre detail of a vehicles motion is usually achievable by careful and detailed analysis of the tachograph record.

Such detail can be a valuable aid to unlocking and understanding of a vehicle's true motion and, in conjunction with other information, providing a more accurate picture of a possible incident.

Additionally, such details can be used when reviewing possible unauthorised use of the vehicle, fraudulent claims, falsifiction of records etc.

TACL has worked nationally and internationally for both defence and prosecution in court cases large and small, Public Inquiries, Industrial Tribunals and has signicant experience that can be called upon.
For more details about this, or any other legislative items, do not hesitate to ring TACL on 01704 894555 or contact our technical department.

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